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  Atlantic Sail

Auckland Waterfront

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Great White Fleet


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Sail Change. Tall Ships in New Zealand Waters.  David Bateman Ltd. Auckland. 1981.Full page colour illustrations with historicaldetail and anecdotes.

Pacific Sail.
    Four Centuries of Western ships in the Pacific.  David Bateman Ltd. Auckland.Fully illustrated in colour with accounts of voyages,
exploration and ships with a focus on technical aspects.

Atlantic Sail. 
  (Title for U.S.A. Atlantic Seafarers)  Ten Centuries of ships in the North Atlantic.
  Fully illustrated in colour with accounts of voyages,
exploration and ships  with a focus on technical aspects.

Auckland Waterfront. The Port of Auckland in Edwardian Times. Captain Teach Press 2014.
A collection of studies in oil and watercolour of the Auckland Waterfront from around 1900 to 1911.

Paintings and Murals

A series of large murals for the Royal New Zealand Fleet Air Arm at the Auckland Museum of Transport and Technology.  These depicted the operations of the service during World War II and consisted of 9 paintings measuring up to 14ft x9ft.  The subjects were:

  • The departure of the liner Rangitiki from Auckland with the first contingent for the Fleet Air Arm.
  • An airfield in England with the aircraft used by the service.
  • A winter seascape of convoy work in the North Atlantic.
  • A view of an aircraft landing on viewed from behind the batman.  The carrier leaving Valetta in Malta…the city of Valetta forms the background.
  • Elephants towing aircraft… Ceylon (Shrilanka).
  • Murmansk convoy. A close up of a Swordfish biplane landing on a carrier in very rough weather.
  • Painting of the aircraft carrier Illustrious viewed from above the bow with aircraft flying off.
  • The interior of an officers' mess.


Murals for the Far Northern Museum of New Zealand depicting Abel Tasman and Marion Du Fresnes on the New Zealand coast.

Two watercolours and two oils of the New Zealand Sail Training ships Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of New Zealand.  These were for the Spirit of Adventure Trust to put into print for fund-raising.

A watercolour of  the NZ  boat which sailed in the Perth challenge for the America Cup.  This went into print for fund-raising for the challenge.

A cut-away illustration of a Manila Galleon for National Geographic. (Sept 1990 edition)

Two oil and one watercolour painting of the Manila Galleon Concepcion for Pacific Sea Resources, the company which recovered a considerable wealth of artifacts from the 17th.C wreck. (See Treasure of the Concepcion, The Archaeological Recovery of a Spanish Galleon. A.P.A. Publications (HK) Ltd. Edited by Stuart Kenter. 1993)

Paintings related to Pacific exploration which now hang in the National Maritime Museum of New Zealand.

Three oil and one watercolour painting of vessels involved in the exploration of the Pacific West Coast of North America.  These were for a client in Seattle who  intended to donate them in time to a museum in Seattle.

A client living in Spain commissioned 3 paintings of Manila galleons and oil paintings of the Flying Cloud and Cutty Sark.  Subsequently he bought some of the paintings used as illustrations in Atlantic Seafarers.  The commissions required a trip to Spain.  At that time Roger was painting seascape around Cornwall in England and seeing to the auction of the remainder of the paintings from Atlantic Seafarers.

Work accepted and sold at the annual Mystic Seaport Exhibition.

Recent contributor to an exhibition in Sydney targeted at raising funds for the restoration of the barque James Craig.  Exhibited were 10 large paintings in oil and watercolour of Australian interest all of which have sold then or since.

A painting of the American Great White Fleet arriving in Auckland in 1909 has recently been purchased by the Texas A&M University for their collection.

Oil painting of Amundsen's Gjøa to help finance a replica to be built in Fredrikstad, Norway.