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H.M.S.'Tortoise" Moored near Nagle Cove in Great Barrier Island, NZ.
Oil on canvas (1000 x 500)mm
From mid-winter 1842 to early January 1843 the "Tortoise" was moored near Oyster Island near Nagle Cove in Great Barrier Island while logging teams were working the forest near Tairua for spar timber.  A lesson had been learned from the fate of the H.M.S."Buffalo" which had been driven ashore in Mercury Bay during a gale that the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula was no longer to be considered secure. Great Barrier provided that security. As was the practice when moored for long periods, the ship was rigged down; all the upper masts and yards sent down and nearly all the running rigging un-rove. Just the rigging to the fore and main courses with their yard tackles remained for lifting purposes. The schooner "Three Bees" (right) served as a courier running supplies to the logging camp at Tairua.