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Rendezvous at Mahurangi
Rendezvous at Mahurangi.   January 2009.
Oil on Board (760 x 560)mm

Every year on the Saturday of Auckland Anniversary Day, a regatta is held on the Mahurangi River which winds down from Warkworth some 25 to 30 miles north of Auckland.  It is run in a very relaxed manner for more traditional boats, with rowing races and childrens' games off the beach at Sullivan's Bay.  The main event of the day is the race for traditional and older boats and, of course, the barbeque in the evening, usually held at the more sheltered Scott's Landing.

This year, in the evening, our replica shoal draft trading ketch Ripple rafted up alongside the National Maritime Museum's brigantine Breeze and the steam launch Zeltic came in on the other side of Breeze.  It was a warm, quiet evening when we all got together and the light was much as is depicted in the painting.  I have tried to capture the likenesses of all the folk known to me who were there that evening.

The 23ft 6in. Scandinavian double ender Silver Tern was built by Peter Sewell who is standing in the bow.  His father built both Ripple and Breeze.  The Silver Tern was adapted from a design by Ian Oughtred , is gunter rigged, very light and very fast.  Peter also built Whio, a 30ft. trailerable launch which looks very Edwardian but is capable of 18 knots on 4 to 5 litres of diesel per hour.  Details of his boats can be found on his web site                 The dinghy under the stern of Breeze was one of a pair Peter and I built  (me with a lot of help from Pete) as  tender for Ripple.

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