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Queens Wharf 1904/5
Queen's Wharf, Auckland.  1904/5.
Watercolour (745 x 545)

This view is based on old photographs of the period.  The observer is looking back to the city from the last "T" of the wharf.  The sailing vessel left is the Clan Macleod, shortly to be renamed James Craig and the near vessels beyond, the paddle ferry Britannia and the Northern Steamship Company steamer Taniwha, berthed at the MacGregor Steamship Company Wharf.  The red, white and black funnels belong to MacGregor steamships.  Many of the groups and vehicles are details from photos and the car is an Oldsmoblie belonging to Captain John Anton Subritzky, a ship-owner of Auckland.  Subritzky Line is still operating today.

Quay Street runs along the waterfront with the distictive Northern Roller Flour Mills and Queen Street runs up from the foot of the wharf.