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Prospect of Whitby
A Night-time view across the Thames towards the  'Prospect of Whitby' at Wapping.
Oil on canvas (760 x 610)mm    Prints are available
This is as I remember the Thames downstream from Tower Bridge: busy and smoky. The background is as accurate as I can piece together and dates around 1956. The ancient pub was on of my favorites and I well remember taking my future wife on the back of a Vespa scooter all the way from the West End,through the City and down the slippery cobbled roads of the East End to the pub. The East End was nothing like it is now: then it was dirty and could be dangerous.

The coaster steaming in from the right was my first experience of the Merchant Service. My Mum sent me away in her on a trip to the Channel Islands to make sure I really wanted to go to sea. She was the 'Jersey Coast' belonging to Coastlines. What she is doing above the entrance to West India Dock, which was her base in London, I have no idea. The sailing barge is generic. She is strolling along on the first of the ebb under just the topsail, flying jib and mizzen. Having been 2 years training on H.M.S.'Worcester" off Greenhithve and next to the barge company Everards I was well acquainted with sailing barges which we always tried to race in our yawl, but never won. The tug is one of the Sun Fleet.