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Mullet boat heading in
A mullet boat heading in.  Auckland waterfront about 1908.

Watercolour  (730x530)mm

Soon after sunrise the mullet boat Maru is beating up towards the city to land her catch.

From left to right the vessels alongside are:  the paddle ferry Britannia, a yawl, the barque Marjorie Craig and a scow.

The main buildings, left to right, are: The Harbour Board Building with the time-ball on the roof, the towers of the Custom House rise behind Wingates, Across Albert Street is the Sailors' Home on the corner.  St.Patrick's Cathedral on the skyline and below the pump houses for the graving dock which is behind the Maru's sail.  To the immediate right of the sail is Foster's Chandlery at the bottom of Hobson Street, and on the opposite corner Gleason's Hotel  The tall chimney behind is that of the power station which supplied electricity to the Auckland trams.  The red buildings on the right are Seagar's Iron Foundry.

This painting was completed in 1995.