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Auckland 1905 looking east across Queen's Wharf
Auckland circa 1904. Looking eastward across Queen's Wharf.
Watercolour (740x540)mm.

The view is from the mainmast of a barque berthed on the inner western "T" of Queen's Wharf. The sails have been loosed to dry and air and hands are aloft furling them.  The wharf immediately ahead of the barque is that of the Coastal Steamship Company and the white vessel alongside is the Kotiki which served prts such as Warkworth north of Auckland.  The launch leaving the steps belongs to Binn's Launches which delivered passengers to shipping anchored in the Waitemata, Auckland's harbour.  The cutter-rigged boat is a centreboard 'mullet boat', in those days mainly used for fishing but later to become a very competetive class of racing boat. The paddle ferry is the Eagle which, apart form seving wharves around the harbour, took excursionists out for day trips.

The barque is the Hazel Craig, details of which can be found elsewhere on this site.  Ahead of her is a scow.  Further away is the Northern Steamship Company's Taniwha. and alongside Subritzky's schooner Greyhound.

All the buildings are, as far as possible identifiable and correct.  The blue carriage on the wharf belonged to Smith and Caughey, a firm which founded a well known department store. The car is an Oldsmobile belonging to Captain John Anton Subritzky.

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