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Excursionists 1
Excursionists boarding at the Devonport Ferry Terminal.
Watercolour ( 730x520)mm

Tthe cheap and easy travel into town provided by the introduction of electric trams in 1902 provided a huge opportunity for the ferry companies and coastal steamers.  The trams enabled people to travel easily and quickly into the city from the suburbs and day excursionist crowded on to the vessels at weekends and holidays, it was cheap and took the passengers out to the lovely near islands of Rangitoto, Motuihe, Browns Island, Motutapu and Waiheke and to the wharves at the vvarious bays on the city and North Shore.  The trippers were packed in  ... there must have been some regulation but one would not believe it when the vessels seemed to have standing room only, with people sittting on the rails and crowding every deck.  There was competition to be first away on a fine day and frequently the ferries and steamers raced each other down harbour.

The vessels in the painting are, from left to right,  The Clan Macleod,  the paddle ferries Eagle and Tongariro and the steamer Claymore.
The tall building with the chimney is the Northern Roller Mills on Quay Street.