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Freeman's Bay east.
A View of the eastern end of Freeman's Bay. Late 1890's.
Oil (800x600)mm

It is late afternoon.  The scow Bee is alongside and the Rimu is ghosting out from her berth.  In those days the eastern end of Freeman's Bay was a jumble of sheds and slipways where local craft were built and slipped for maintenance and repair.  Bailey's slipway and sheds are to the right of the Rimu.  Gleason's Hotel, a notorious waterfront boozer, is behind the masts of the Bee.

Gleason's Hotel on the western corner of Hobson St. and Fanshawe St. is centre left.  The chimneys belong to the power station which supplied electricity for the Auckland trams.  In the background on the right is the intersection of Nelson St. and Victoria St.

This is and oil rendition of an earlier watercolour.

Rimu:  A schooner built at Omaha by John Graydon in 1885.

Bee:    A schooner built at Omaha by John Meiklejohn in 1891.