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Freeman's Bay west 1
Freeman's Bay at the beginning of the 20th.century.
Watercolour (730x530)mm

Today this has all been filled and from where the viewer is you would be looking up Halsey Street towards Victoria Street with Victoria Park on your right.  The building on the right was, in the days of the painting, the Freeman's Hotel and it is still a pub today.  Victoria Street runs along before it .  The spire belonged to St.James Presbyterian Church in Pitt Street.  Over the viewer's left shoulder were the Kauri Timber Mills.

The scow May is getting under way.  She has her jib backed to box her head off and the headline is being let go.  The whole of Freeman's Bay dried out at low tide so the wharf on the left is only virtually a sea wall with a muddle of slips and sheds ranged along it.  The view is from about where the corner of Fanshawe and Halsey streets are now.  The bay was used to moor the log booms detined for the mills.  The scow May could have just recently dumped her load of logs from Coromandel or the North into the bay.

Painted in 1995.