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Drying sails at Queen'swharf

Drying sails at Queen's Wharf.

The year is 1910 and it is about noon.  After some showers the skies are clearing.  Some business people from up town and casual sightseers are taking a stroll down the wharf and have stopped to examine the topsail schooner which has her sails loosed to dry.   It was essential that flax and cotton canvas which had been wetted by fresh water was allowed to dry and air, otherwise it would quickly rot.

The schooner is berthed on the inner finger on the east side of Queen's Wharf.  Some of the crew are sending ashore sails to go to the sailmaker for repair and are hoisting them into one of the handcarts which could be hired for small local jobs.

The Devonport ferry Britannia has just left the city landing; the offices are in the building with the green roof behind the paddler.  The large buildings behind the ferry offices are The Northern Roller Mills which face Quay Street.

This painting was completed in 1995and was one of the first studies I did of the old Auckland waterfront.

Prints are available.