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Clan Macleod and Britannia
The Clan Macleod (James Craig) approaching her berth and the paddle ferry Britannia steaming out.
Watercolour (730x540)mm

One of my favourite views of the Auckland city waterfront in this period.  On the left is the end of the Railway Wharf and right, the end of the last "T" of Queen's Wharf.  This had a distinctive tower which only existed for a few years.  The Northern Roller Mills, Gladstone's Coffee Palace on the corner of Queen Street and the Harbour Board Building, all on Quay Street, are easily identified.

The Britannia was built at Baily's Freemans's Bay yard, apparently from a single unearthed fallen Kauri tree, and launched in 1885.  A history of her can be read in The Harbour Ferries of Auckland,  Grantham House Publishing 1986.  She had an interesting life until she was hulked in 1926.  The Britannia is depicted in many of my paintings of this period and I have a task trying to be accurate with the upper deck houses which seemed to have changed like a chameleon's hide.