Seagull's view looking SW over Auckland
A seagull's eye view over Auckland looking southwest.  Circa 1904.
Watercolour (740x530)mm

In the foreground are the hands of a sailing vessel bending on an upper topsail. Note the relaxed attitudes of the men in spite of the considerable height.  No O.S.H. regulations about harnesses and regulation then.  Falls from aloft did happen but the deck could be more dangerous in heavy weather.  These men would have regarded the safety conditions imposed today on sailing ship hands as inhibitive and dangerous to the working of the ship.  I am no great hand aloft having to take a few days to get over a fear of heights, but it is remarkable how ones self-preservation cuts in when working in these sorts of environments  .... without the interference of bureaucracy.  OK. I have had my spat.

The view includes a great deal of the city in those days.  On the left are the Northern Steamship Company Wharves.  On Quay Street behind the steamship are the Northern Roller Mills.  Continue right along Quay Street and there is a gap until you cross the foot of Queen Street and come to Gladstone's Coffee Palace and then the Harbour Board Building.  Far right is the entrance to the graving dock.

The ferry Britannia is approaching the Devonport Ferry Landing

Further back, on the left is St.Matthew's Church from which the panorama was taken.  Moving right is St.Patrick's and below the Custom House.

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