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N.Shore ferries
The Auckland Waterfront about 1910.
Watercolour (730x520)mm

The view is looking westward from Queen's Wharf towards Freeman's Bay.  Albert Street comes down on the left hand side, with the Sailors' Home on the right corner.  The gates to the graving dock can be seen centre-right with the barque Marjorie Craig alongside waiting her turn to drydock.  Immediately behind the graving dock is the foot of Hobson Street with, on the left, Foster's Chandlery and on the right the rather notorious Gleason's Hotel.  Behind Fosters is the chimney of the power station which supplied power for the Auckland trams. The red buildings on the far right are those of Seagar's Foundry and Shipbuilders.  For those of you who know Auckland today, the graving dock was later rebuilt as the Tepid Baths.

The paddle ferry Osprey is taking passengers for an afternoon excursion and the older, smaller Takapuna is tucked into the inner berth.  In the foreground, far left, is one of Bradney and Binns'  launches which operated rather like water taxis, running errands as far up harbour as Riverhead and ferrying passengers to ships at anchor in the harbour.

This painting was completed in 1995 and is one of several studies of the Auckland waterfront from about 1895 to 1912, which I feel is a fascinating and vibrant period in the history of our city.

Prints are available.