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Najaden passing Torbjørnskjæ in southern Olsofjord.
Watercolour (740 x 520)mm

The former HSwMS Najaden, a Swedish naval training ship, has been purchased by the Maritime Centre Fredrickstad in Norway. Najaden, which translates as naiad or water nymph, was built in 1897 and served as a sail-training ship for the Swedish Navy until 1938. In 1946 she was taken over by the Swedish city of Halmstad, restored and then operated as a museum ship moored in the River Nissan.

Measuring only 350 tonnes displacement and 37.38m on deck, Najaden at is one of the smallest ship-rigged vessels ever built. Her construction is composite; pine on steel frames and she has no auxilliary power. Her rig is unusual even for ships built at her time in that she has full topsails and can set studding sails.

In her new home she will be in the care of the Maritime Centre Fredrikstad who operate a shipyard which specializes in the maintenance of traditional vessels. They hope to be able to raise the money to provide her with an engine, make a full set of sails, including stunsails, attend to the rigging and finally to have her sailing again representing the City of Fredrikstad.