Commissioning a representational artwork from an artist is always a bit of a gamble as any artist will place his, or her, own interpretation on the subject and render it as well as their ability allows.  You might not like the result.

To ease this dilemma I offer the following understanding favourable to you, the commissioner:

  • With suggestions from me, your requirements are paramount.
  • Preliminary sketches will be submitted for approval.
  • Images of the finished work will be sent prior to delivery.
  • On delivery have right of refusal, provided the work is returned to me.
  • No payment is expected until the work is accepted.
  • Please note that I retain copyright on all work unless that copyright has been specifically purchased by the client

        ( A risk for me?  I have had one work refused in 30 years.)

 My main field is marine art supported by an extensive knowledge of maritime history and technology.  Given the information, I can represent in oil or watercolour any vessel in any situation.  I also have done considerable work illustrating harbour and waterfront scenes with the associated buildings and other features.  Aircraft and landscape are also within my competence.

To arrange a commission I will discuss with you your requirements, which can be specific or flexible to the extent of leaving the entire composition up to me. 

Photos or illustrations of your subject are very helpful but not always necessary as I have a considerable resource library and access to other sources of information.

Commissioning work directly through an artist is considerably less expensive than buying, or commissioning, through a gallery.  The minimum commission on artwork from a gallery is around 30% and some more up-market galleries can apply commissions of up to 60%.

My charges are dependent on the medium, to a certain extent the size, the complexity and the time required to research the subject.  Generally:

Oils cost more than watercolour.

Smaller oils and watercolours cost less than large ones.

Cost is also a factor when shipping oils or framed watercolours which have to be crated. (see shipping).

A range of sample charges is set out below:

Watercolour:  (normally Archers 300gm cold-press paper.)

  • Full sheet (750 X 530)mm  (29.5 x 21)ins.   $1800-$2000NZ, 1140-1270EURO, $1480 -$1645US
  • sheet    (530 X 370)mm  (21 X 14.5)ins   $ 1000 -$1200NZ, 640 -770EURO, $825-$ 985US
  • sheet    (370 X 260)mm  (14.5 X 10)ins   $  275-$450NZ,   180 -290EURO, $230 -$ 370US

Sizes are approximate to allow for cropping as required.

Oils:  Canvas on spreader or board. Canvas will cost marginally more but allows larger sizes.  The largest board size is (1000 X 800)mm  (39.5 X 31.5)ins.

  • (1000 X 800)mm  (39.5 X 31.5)ins    $3000 -$4000NZ,  1900-2540EURO, $2470 -$3300US
  • (800 X 600)mm    (31.5 X 23.5)ins   
  • (600 X 400)mm    (23.5 X 15.35)ins   $2400-$3500NZ, 1530 -2220EURO, $2000 -$2890US
  • (500 X 400)mm    (19.5 X 15.35)ins   $2000 -$3250NZ   1270-2070 EURO $1645 -$2680US*

*Oils smaller than this will be about the same price.

SHIP PORTRAITS.  These are small watercolours of ships I do at a moderate fixed price.  For more information see link.

Watercolours can be shipped in a cylinder at relatively little cost.  For example, the reproduction of the H.M.S."Worcester" costs about $12NZ (5.50 EURO or $8US) to pack and post to the U.K.  Oils have to be crated and preferably sent courier post with an all up cost for an (800 X 600)mm oil-on-board of about $300 (150 EURO or $186US) to the U.K.

I base my prices on New Zealand currency.  As currencies are always changing in value relative to each other the conversions above will have changed.  To make a quick check go to the currency conversion site