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Duchess of Argyle and Jane Gifford
The Duchess of Argyle and the Jane Gifford.  The first emigrant ships into Auckland.
Oil on board (800 x 600)mm

During October of 1842 the Duchess of Argyle arrived off Auckland only a few hours ahead of the Jane Gifford, and, as she was the larger of the two vessels, she was boarded by the Senior Pilot who managed to put her aground off North Head in the Rangitoto Channel.  It is the volcano Rangitoto that looms in the background.  Later that calm, clear, moonlit evening the Junior Pilot boarded the Jane Gifford, which passed the Duchess still aground waiting for the tide to lift her off.

In the painting the boat from the stern davits has been put away to sound around the ship, and the passengers and crew watch as the Jane Gifford steals past to be the first emigrant ship into the Waitemata.

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