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              Russell becalmed.
Archibald Russell becalmed.
Oil on canvas (900 x 630)mm

The painting depicts the Archibald Russell becalmed somewhere near the equator in the region known as the doldrums; a region of calms, fickle winds and often rain squalls.  The frigate, or man-o-war birds indicate that land is not too far off.

A steel four-masted barque of 2,325 tons built by Scott & Co., Greenock in 1905.  Her measurements were: length 304.9 ft., breadth 43.3 ft., depth 24ft.  Built for J.Hardie & Co., The Archibald Russell is best know as a member of the inter-war grain racers.  She was bought by Gustaf Erikson in 1923 for 5,500,
and proved a good investment by beating the average time of the grain fleet almost every year until 1931, and then making the occasional fast run until World War II.  In 1929 she sailed from Melbourne to Queenstown in 93 days with a crew of 22, less than the conventional one man per 100 tons.  During World War II she was used as a storage hulk in the Humber.  She was handed back to Erikson in 1947, but efforts to sell her failed and she was scrapped at Gateshead in 1949.

This painting is available in Auckland for $6000NZ.   Shipping not included.

Prints are available.